The Universe Welcomes Me

I have been listening to the universe every single day. It has been speaking to me of the wonders it holds. I’ve heard great words from great people that changed my perspective on life. I now hear those great words in all different forms. The music I listen to has it. The articles I read have it. The news I watch has it. The TV shows I watch have it. The people I interact with speak of it. It is almost as if I was the only one not aware of that happening all around me.

I am a god of my universe. I am not A GOD. I am not GOD. I am not a higher power. I just control my universe. That is what I have learned. I am in control. I can unl0ck any door I want access to. I can have anything that I want. The difference in my thinking now is that I do not want everything I can have. What I want is no longer in physical form. What I want is greater than the physical form.

What I want is to help the world. What I want is to change the world. What I want is to understand the world. Those are my goals. Those are the meaning of my life. I will make a difference that makes differences. The universe commands it because I command it of the universe. I cannot settle for less.

Demand more of your universe. Don’t let your universe control you, unless you want it to. You can make the changes that change the world. The good thing about changing the world is that the world is constantly changing, so just because I change it doesn’t mean you can’t either, and the other way around. Let’s change this world together.

I will embrace the universes messages to me as if they were my own. I will acknowledge my greatness and your greatness as well. I will not let my universe tell me I do not have what it takes to do what I want to do. If I want to do it, it will be done. I have not been oppressed by man. I have not been oppressed by government. I have been oppressed by my own mind into thinking that what is presented to me is all that is available. Now I am aware of the warehouse in the back. There is no going back. I cannot be a sheep again.

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