Don’t Cheat Yourself

Are you looking to increase your skills? Are you looking to learn something new? Are you looking to pass a test of some sort? Good. You are on the right path. I, too, am now on that path with you. One lesson that I must pass on is one that is of great importance. Learn more than what is needed. Do more than what is needed. Doing the minimum will get you the minimum.

When you are tasked with learning something that will be beneficial to your future, do you think it is best to just learn enough of it that you can get by? That may get you by but what happens when more than what you learned is needed? Will you be able to handle it? Will you have to take time to learn, when time is low? Will someone else have to be brought in to do what you could not?

Don’t cheat yourself. If you know you can do better, do better. One slip is all that is needed in your mind to turn the whole slippery slope into an icy slide back to where you don’t want to be. Take the time to improve your skills, and then keep improving them. Do not stop for anything. You will thank yourself later.

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