You Will Test The Universe!

As your mind begins to see the changes of the universe, you will start to challenge its control over you. You will start to see the flaws that you don’t normally see. The oddities that always seemed like the wind blowing or glare from the sun. They will suddenly be more obvious than the sky.

You will start to notice a change in yourself. An urge to talk to more people. You will try to find out if there are more out there that are aware of these changes that you are now seeing. I tend to liken it to finding out you are a secret agent and trying to spot the others in the world. It will consume you to learn more.

You will start to do things that try to test the boundaries that you thought you had. The sky, the stars, the moon, and the sun will not have the same meaning it once did. Now they are your guide. They are your tests. How do you use them? How do you greet them? How do you acknowledge their departure?

Greet the sun as you say goodbye to the moon. Welcome the sunshine and the rain as if it were a person that you loved dearly. Find out why they decided to stumble upon you to the point that you notice them. Embrace them. Enjoy them. You have so many of them, that you have to spend your time with them now.

Test everything in your universe. Test the people, test your environments, tests your abilities, test everything you thought you knew to be true. Confirm those things for yourself or find out why you’ve believed them for so long. The universe knows what you are doing. It doesn’t care. It’s got time to play a game with a fan.

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